LambEx  Program

LambEx 2010 Program

Burswood Grand Ballroom

Wednesday August 4

Thursday August 5

Friday August 6

4.00pm Conference registration desk open 7.30am Conference registration desk open 8.30am Conference Day 2 commences
6.00pm Welcome Function – “speed dating with butchers” (concluding 8pm) 8.45am Official opening 3:30am Conference Day 2 concludes
6.30pm Novartis Grands-Lamb Dinner


From 11.00am Exhibitor Bump In 6.00-8.00pm Rotational Grazing welcome cocktail party in the exhibition area.
From 4.00pm Registration Desk Open   Hosted by Verity James as she takes you “speed dating” with her butcher friends.


8.00am Registration Desk and Exhibition Open    
Session 1 The Lamb Dynamic
8.45am Official opening - Senator Glenn Sterle, Senator for Western Australia. 9.45am The Costco phenomenon and its lamb perspective: Costco is the new kid on the domestic supermarket block and while this supermarket powerhouse is yet to arrive in the West, its perspective and understanding of future trends in the meat isles is one we need to understand. We ask the company’s Marcel Moodley what are the trends in lamb acquisition he foresees and how should the Australian sheep and lamb producer gear up for this opportunity?
9.00am Welcome to LambEx: Today the Australian sheep and lamb industry comes together with passion and purpose. One of the red meat industry’s favourite sons, Prof David Pethick confirms for us why it’s worth the rollercoaster ride, as he sets the scene for the two days ahead.
9.15am How many sheep are enough? MLA’s Managing Director David Palmer provides an insight into creating a sustainable industry for the longterm: How many sheep (and what sort) are enough to meet the demand that has been progressively built over the last 15 years without risking bursting the supply x price bubble. 10.05am Meeting the thirst for live product: The live exporters say there are markets for double our current numbers – so if we muster forces and produce enough to meet their needs – what then? From shippers to lamb to Awassis – how many is enough for everyone to prosper? Livecorp’s Cameron Hall takes a look.
    10.30am Morning tea

LambEx Live Exporting

Session 2 The Business Case for Lamb
11.00am The opportunities (and risks) for Australian sheep producers in the gulf - for both live sheep, boxed lamb and mutton: Livecorp brings to Perth the charismatic Naveed Ahmed born in Pakistan but having lived most of his life in Oman and now owner partner of Muscat Livestock Co. His company was formed only in 2008 but with the purpose of becoming a major force in the Australian meat and livestock import trade. Today Muscat Livestock imports around 200 tonnes of meat every month in all forms from Australia and is growing rapidly. Naveed says the consistency and overall health of the Australian lamb and sheep industry is of paramount importance to the Middle East and they are ready to do all in their power to help it grow and remain viable. 12.05pm Boom, busts, faith and economics: The driver behind LambEx is to encourage people back into sheep in a sustainable fashion. But the sceptics would draw on lessons of history to question if doing that will simply result in yet another price tumble and so the roller coaster continues.
Farm consultant Mike Stephens from MS&A, Victoria, takes us through the scenario in a paper co-authored by WA consultant Ashley Herbert.
12.30pm The banker’s perspective: NAB chief economist Robert Brooker weighs into the discussion.
12.40pm Panel question: Can collaboration lessen the impact of the roller coaster supply, demand and price ride?
1.00pm The NAB Luncheon
11.30am Lamb lessons from a Kiwi: The chairman of the NZ-based farmer cooperative, the Alliance Group (one of the country’s biggest exporters of meat products), is Owen Poole. Like his counterparts across the ditch, strategies for consistency of supply is one of his greatest challenges for the Alliance Group – even when there is a solid business case for lamb. We ask Owen to share his learnings, opportunities and challenges with his Australian cousins – and yes, competitors.    
11.50am Lamb and the consumer perceptions: MLA’s Samantha Jamieson explores the reality of the ethical challenges on our radar as animal welfare and environmental sustainability gain increasing amounts of consumer airspace. Samantha looks at the likelihood of food production ethics impacting the consumers’ willingness and ability to eat lamb – and pay appropriately for it.    

Session 3 Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity
2.00pm The real gains to be made from modern genetics: Forget the PR spin, and set aside the impact of good management, what are we on target to achieve in the next decade from optimising our use of indexes and our understanding of genetics for both the terminal and maternal breeds. How quickly will we be able to grow them; how heavy can we make them and how tender? MLA’s Dr Alex Ball provides the potential that is in store. 2:50pm Putting maidens to work: NZ sheep scientist, Massey University’s Dr Paul Kenyon states a case for mating lambs and explores – can this work in practise for the Merino?
3:10pm From insight to innovation: Novartis Animal Health’s Dr Justin Bailey delivers the story behind Zolvix and Monepantel – the fi rst new class of livestock drench to be introduced since the 1980s.
2.30pm Tomorrow’s ewe: Here we paint the picture of the future average Australian ewe. What will she look like? Does she take us to lifting the national lambing to 120% by 2020? What does she weigh at maturity; and what sort of fl eece does she have and what are her chances of sustainably having a lamb every 8 months? DAFWA’s Dr Mark Ferguson from DAFWA’s maternal efficiency program, has a look. 3:30pm Afternoon Tea

Session 4 Success stories of lamb
4:00pm Producer case study: Western Districts of Victoria sheep producer John Keiller from Cashmore Nudies embraces many of the theories described in the previous session. This is a chance to hear how the theory converts to practise. 6:30pm Pre-dinner drinks
7:30pm The Novartis Grands-Lamb Dinner and launch of the Australian Sheep and Lamb Industry Roll of Honour
4:20pm Meeting the people: Our host Gerry Gannon extracts some of the more meatier but less heard stories of the Australian lamb industry as he chats with: • Simon Fowler, Esperance, WA • Don Nairn, Binnu • Kerry Corish, QLD • Annie Hughes, “Martindale” Strathalbyn, SA    
5:20pm Day 1 close    


Session 1 Understanding sheep/making sheep easier
8.30am The psychology of the ewe: UWA’s Professor Graeme Martin has spent a lifetime understanding the ewe. He knows how she thinks and ticks. This is an opportunity snapshot at why a sheep does what it does; and why lamb survival is a whole management area on its own.   still looking for that equivalent leap. The Sheep CRC is committed to refi ning the technology that changes the perception of sheep being hard work. The bells and whistles do exist, but do they really make a difference? Sheep producer and consultant Charlie de Fegely joins with sheep producer and CentrePlus chief Mark Mortimer to present their findings.
9.00am Achieving productivity and profits with better sheep handling: Grahame Rees from Low Stress Stockhandling asks us ‘who’s smarter - the sheep or the handler?’ Grahame offers a look at how a different approach to handling sheep can lead gains for both the sheep and the owner – simply through a better approach to stock handling. 10.00am Where do lick feeders fit? Geoff Duddy from Industry and Investment NSW explores their role in the WA industry – while Narrogin-based stud breeder and lot feeder Cam White from Nepowie provides the local example.
9.30am Managing sheep on auto-steer: We’ve watched the grain industry go from bags to bulk, from open cabs to GPS, while the sheep industry is 10.30am Morning tea

Session 2 The next big thing
11.00am The next big thing in feeding: Grazing crops – with Victorian farm consultant Cameron Nicholson. 12.00pm Can we use MSA to make Australian lamb the best in the world – and get paid for it? WA’s favourite meat scientist Professor Dave Pethick draws on latest science to explore the new horizons for the holy grail of value based trading.
11.20am Cost effective feeding in the new age: The arithmetic has changed and so have the opportunities. Dr John Milton presents a new way to look at assessing the benefi t/cost of feed alternatives.
11.40am Designer lamb that eats better than a fish: Dr Graham Gardner, senior lecturer in biochemsistry, toxicology and nutrition at Murdoch University’s school of veterinary science, believes in the opportunities to produce a lamb carcase with as much Omega 3 as a fi sh. Today he explores the feasibility and economic reality of this vision. 12.30pm The CSBP Luncheon

Session 3 Turning things on their head
We’ve heard about the opportunities to margin creep on-farm – but what are the opportunities that exporters and processors are taking to create a better margin for all?
1.30pm The exporter’s perspective: Wellard’s Singaporean-based owner, Mauro Balzarini looks at what today’s modern exporter is doing that will create more margin for the sheep producer and keep him sufficiently motivated to produce more sheep. 2.15pm Finale panel: What have we learned and where are we heading? Gerry Gannon joins with Kate Joseph (SCA), Graham Daws (Emanuals), David Palmer (MLA), Erin Gorter (QLamb), Coll MacRury (WAMMCO) and sheep consultant Ashley Herbert for a final look at our opportunities.
1.50pm The processor’s perspective: We ask the same question of today’s processor – Jack Barclay from CRF (Colac Otway) who speaks about the innovations and technology opportunities that will create better margins throughout the supply chain. 2.45pm The politics of lamb: With MLA’s ambassador Sam Kekovich.
3.15pm Closing address – LAMBEX chair Dawson Bradford

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